Bloons Super Monkey

Bloons super monkey Game

Bloons super monkeyBy popping the balloons in Bloons Super Monkey game you can earn super blops, which you can use to buy upgrades which will let your monkey pop, even more, balloons in a shorter amount of time. The balloons arrange themselves in an assortment of decorative structures, moving across the screen in an unpredictable fashion. The blue balloons need to be shot twice to pop, while the red balloons only need to be shot once. If you shoot a blue balloon it will turn red, after which you can shoot it for a final time and pop it. When the balloons pop, small blue balls known as super blops come out of them. You need to collect these blops to advance into the next level and buy upgrades.Unlike many other games which require you to wait until the level is over to buy upgrades, in Bloons Super Monkey you can press the escape key on your keyboard at any time to buy more upgrades during a level. You can then return to the level and use the upgrades you just bought to wreak havoc on the balloons in front of you.


Bloons super monkey unblockedBloons Super Monkey is different from most games because there is no real opponent. Instead, you will be facing off against yourself and the massive amounts of balloons which will be surrounding you throughout the levels. Another aspect of the game that is unique is the controls. Instead of using the arrow keys to control the monkey you are required to use the mouse to drag him around, and you do not need to press anything to fire, as a super monkey is constantly firing at every balloon in sight!