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About Bloons Super Monkey 2

bloons super monkey 2If you enjoyed the first game of this series, you will certainly like playing Bloons Super Monkey 2. This new version of the game is based on the same type of gameplay, with some improvements in the graphics department. Each level of the game comes with a new challenge. You will have to use your mouse to pop as many balloons as you can. The only way to advance to a higher level is by popping the minimum number of balloons that will be shown at the beginning of the stage. The flying monkey will follow your mouse pointer and you just have to move across the screen and try to pop as many balloons as you can. The arrows are fired automatically, so just make sure to position yourself properly if you want to get a high score. Like in the first game, you will have to buy some upgrades if you want to get through some of the more advanced levels. The more balloons you pop, the more points you will receive. The power-ups you purchase will increase your fire rate and the efficiency of your arrows. In fact, you can even upgrade them to plasma rays if you earn enough points. The levels will only get harder and harder and if you can't pop enough balloons, you will have to start from the beginning of the game and try a different strategy. The only way to win at Bloons Super Monkey 2 is by getting the proper upgrades and by moving towards the right balloons before they leave the screen.



About Bloons Super Monkey

Bloons Super Monkey can be a fun shooting match. This match has exceptional images, convenient for many ages, particularly kids and families. You're able to experience this match in your own browser as it's really a flash video game. Within this sport, you control a superb fighter. You'll fire and your duty is to take at the balloons from the map. This game has lots of levels, each level can be challenging for you personally. To finish a degree, you must accomplish its own target. The balloons could possess different colours and you also must take till they get reddish to destroy them. Whenever you destroy a balloon, then you'll have power blops. You are able to utilize power blops to get upgrades. This game has lots of levels, each level can be challenging for you personally. Fantastic luck and have a great time!

How to Play:

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
  2. You can play this game in full screen mode.


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Bloons Super Monkey

Bloons super monkey Game By popping the balloons in Bloons Super Monkey game you can earn super blops, which you can use to buy upgrades which will let your monkey pop, even more, balloons in a shorter amount of time. The balloons arrange themselves in an assortment of decorative structures, moving across the screen in an unpredictable fashion. The blue balloons need to be shot twice to pop, while the red balloons only need to be shot once. If you shoot a blue balloon it will turn red, after which you can shoot it for a final time and pop it. When the balloons pop, small blue balls known as super blops come out of them. You need to collect these blops to advance into…

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